Colt McCoy Hopeful Kyler Murray Would Return Without New Contract

(AP Photo/David Richard)

While Kyler Murray is still hopeful he will receive a contract extension from the Arizona Cardinals, veteran backup quarterback Colt McCoy will return for two more years. 

“I want to say how grateful I am to have the opportunity to come back and be a part of this team,” McCoy said. “And to get a two-year deal is amazing.”

Kyler Murray’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, recently replied to a tweet that seemed to test the Cardinals long-term dedication to success. The tweet was likely another attempt to get the Cardinals to revisit the option to extend Murray’s contract. 

When Colt McCoy was asked in a press conference on Monday if he believed Murray would return without a new contract he responded, “I sure hope so.”

McCoy and Murray have been in touch throughout the offseason and McCoy expects great things out of the 24-year-old quarterback. 

“Kyler is obviously extremely talented and he just finished his third year in the NFL, I would say that his arrow is pointing up,” McCoy said.“I know how hard it was for me my first three years in the NFL to handle all the things that come with being a franchise quarterback and being in the NFL, and I think Kyler has handled it tremendously.”