Twitter Timeline: Huskies Come Back In Second Half To Take Down Jaguars

The Hamilton Huskies hosted the Boulder Creek Jaguars in the 6A semifinals on Friday night and made a comeback to get the win at home. 

Post Game Interviews

Game Timeline

Boulder Creek got a hot start and looked like a championship team in the first half. Rowan McKenzie was just one of a few Jaguars sinking threes throughout this matchup. 


Daimon Denning was dominating the floor for Hamilton – even when things weren’t looking hopeful for the Huskies early on. 

Espn (or “Espy”) Polanski sank a few threes for the Jaguars and his name quickly became a staple in this matchup. 

Boulder Creek took a very comfortable 12-point lead heading as they headed to the locker rooms during halftime. While the Jaguars were enjoying the first-half victory the Huskies were “turning up” in the locker room according to Quincy Adams. 

I predicted a lively second half (see Tweet above) and a lively second half is exactly what we got. The Huskies started to make a run and were able to hold off a very aggressive Boulder Creek offense. 

Daimon Denning absolutely set the tone for the fourth (but not final) quarter of the game. 

Hanilton finally tied Boulder Creek with just 7 minutes left to play. Both sides of the gym were on their feet. 

What seems improbable in the first half became a reality as the Hamilton Huskies found their groove and took the lead. 

Spoiler alert: you can skip ahead to the 5:06 mark to catch Daimon Denning sinking a three to tie the game in the final seconds and force the game into OT. 

Hamilton came out of the gates with the first score in OT. 

Now, the final moments of the 6A semifinals. The Huskies came back from a 12-point deficit in the first half and forced a win in overtime.