Jordan Hamm And Sarah Kezele Are Getting Married!

We love to celebrate our team for anything great they accomplish in life. Even away from what we do here at Sports360AZ.

Jordan Hamm and Sarah Kezele are marrying each other this Saturday. It’s time to enjoy the moment and celebrate two of the best sports media personalities in the Valley. Literally their personalities are off the charts, just look at how funny their Twitter acconts are. 

They met for the first time in 2015 when Arizona State University football was at Camp Tontozona. Kezele didn’t know anyone and happened to meet her future husband, and Ralph Amsden who likes to take some of the credit for their relationship.

“I made a poor decision to stand by these two for five hours,” Kezele laughed. “I left thinking [Jordan] was an interesting guy.”

Since they both work in sports, it’s a constant battle to find time for other things in life that they can both enjoy together. That’s the balance that many people who work in sports have to find in order to have success. They’re doing a pretty great job of that.

Congrats to these two on their wedding this Saturday! We’re excited for them and all the great things they will continue to do as well!