Give Me the Suns over “All of this Nonsense”…

Arizona Sports News online

I prefer winning over talking. I prefer defense over drama. I prefer smiles and laughter over denial and angst. I prefer the Phoenix Suns. 

I don’t want to hear or read about social media scrubbing or “self-centered” and “immature”. 

I need to watch winning. Lots of winning. I am getting that in a big way from the basketball team here in Phoenix. 

I feel the need every night the Suns’ play, to watch an aging point guard rip the hearts of the opposition and have an MVP season. 

I am getting my sports fix by watching someone show Kobe skills at the age of 25. 

It’s heavy in our world right now. We need smiles and laughter like last night after the Suns cruised to their 47th victory. They lead 2nd place Golden State by 5-and-a-half games! 

I want a coach who is clearly in control of his team from start to finish. A leader, who has his team peaking at the right time of year. A man, who’s been through more than most of us could even imagine and yet humbly goes about his winning ways. 

Young guns who play defense like no other in the League. 

Grit guys like Crowder or McGee, who are not afraid to get their knuckles bloodied for the greater good of the team. 

A big man who’s kept quiet and tried to get better, even with the outside noise about his paycheck not having the decimal point further down the line. 

I don’t need fast starts and flameout finishes. 

I need consistency and confidence. 

I don’t need “all of this nonsense” 

The world is heavy right now. Sports are meant for more than watching a soap opera. The Kyler clicks keep some media companies well fed. I prefer results on the scoreboard and in the win column…