Booker is Bigger than an All-Star Game Starter

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(AP Photo/Ashley Landis, Pool)

Who cares if Devin Booker is overlooked and under-appreciated outside of our little slice of heaven, If being passed over as a starter for a midseason scrimmage is number one on his list of career achievements I’d be disappointed in him. NO way he feels that way, so why should you?

The true competitors in this day and age aim for Championships, Gold Medals,  NBA Finals MVPs. Most of the “all-star” starters announced by the League on Thursday have very little to no shot of having those opportunities ever in their careers. . If I were a betting man, Booker is the smart money on being MVP of the League IF the Suns win an NBA Title here in 2022.  The chip on his shoulder doesn’t need to grow because of this. Just be the current vision of Devin Booker and stuff that means next to nothing in the big picture will be out of the news cycle and off the talk show circuit in a few days, weeks. 

We have to reach really far to call this a “controversy”. It’s not. The scoreboard doesn’t lie…