Sabercats Burn The Boats, Win First Open Division Title

The Open Division has a new winner. One whose motto is “Burn The Boats.”

The Saguaro Sabercats beat the Chandler Wolves 20-15, capturing its first Open Division championship. They played in the first ever open title game in 2019, also against Chandler. In 2020, they were forced to forfeit from the playoffs after a COVID-19 outbreak. This run was brewing and the rings are long overdue.

Head coach Jason Mohns is going to Disneyland tomorrow. For real.

Javen Jacobs ran for a touchdown and caught one as well. Devon Dampier was 6-9 for 80 yards through the air. He added 86 yards on the ground as well.

The defense stepped up, forcing two picks in crucial moments in the first and second halves.

The reaction from players are priceless, so watch the video above from myself and Claudia Collins to really feel what this moment means for Saguaro.