Fabiano’s Fantasy Focus: Week Nine, Vol. II – Last-Minute Waiver Pickups

Every week during the NFL season, Sports Illustrated Senior Fantasy Analyst Michael Fabiano joins Sports360AZ’s Brad Cesmat to share his insight on building and developing your fantasy team for success.

In our most recent conversation with Michael (Nov. 2), we discussed players who may have cleared the initial round of waivers, but could still be contributors to your lineup this Sunday. Here are the players we highlighted:

James Robinson’s Status Is In Question For This Week. Should His Managers Pick Up Carlos Hyde Just In Case?

“Pick up Carlos Hyde because we don’t know if Robinson is going to play, but they’ve got Buffalo this week. That’s a bad matchup but Hyde is going to be added because we know he’ll get volume and he may get five or six catches. The matchup is not good, but you just have to pick up Hyde in case Robinson doesn’t play.” 


With Jameis Winston Now Officially Out For The Season, Does Taysom Hill Become A Legitimate Option At QB?

“Oh, yeah, go pick him up. Taysom Hill was really good in fantasy last year. He started four games in relief of Drew Brees and he was very good in fantasy. Here’s the problem – it’s an issue for Alvin Kamara because Hill is going to take goal-line opportunities away from him. Taysom Hill likes to run. They’re going to call RPOs with him and that’s going to take the ball out of Kamara’s hands. I’m not telling you to go and trade Kamara, but I don’t love this for him.”

Devante Parker Had An Unexpectedly Good Game Against Buffalo Last Week. Do You Play Him Against The Texans?

“Really good matchup this week. If he’s out there, I’d get him. Houston’s defense is bad, especially against receivers lining up out wide. He could be out there on waivers and I’d get him and start him if he is. He’s the most explosive wide receiver that the Dolphins have.”