Cesmat – Wise Words from Frank Kaminsky

(AP Photo/Matt York)

I was struck by the words of wisdom from Suns forward Frank Kaminsky following his career-high 31 points against Portland. One of the attributes of sport is how competition can go into other areas in life. Kaminsky has been labeled a journeyman through his six-year NBA career. His postgame quotes are ones that I believe many can take to heart. 

“It all just goes into preparation and staying ready, keeping the same mental approach every day.” 


This past offseason, not a lot of teams wanted me. You know you hear a lot of things about yourself that are hard to swallow; I’ve fallen into the trap before of thinking I have to prove everyone else wrong instead of proving myself right. That’s a big thing for me this year; I want to be who I think I am, just go out there and prove it to myself, not let anyone else dictate what’s going to happen with me. My career, my life is in my hands, and I want to make the most of it.”


This(Phoenix)is where I feel the best; it’s all about feeling, being comfortable, and knowing what to expect every single day, and that’s a big thing.” 

What Frank Kaminsky said Wednesday night are words that many can take out into their daily lives. 

Make it a great day!