VIDEO- Porter Reynolds Doing Heavy Lifting At Queen Creek

Heavy hitters do heavy lifting. Porter Reynolds does lift super heavy at Queen Creek, so he can hit hard on Friday nights.

Reynolds is a leader for the 5-0 Queen Creek Bulldogs. The junior now plays linebacker and fullback, where he’s able to use his strength, rather than his words, to energize the team.

“It’s hard not to get pumped after a big play,” Reynolds said. “I like trying to celebrate with my teammates as much as I can.”

The numbers that Porter puts up in the weight room are some of the best out of any athlete in Arizona. He can squat well over 500 pounds and bench 225 pounds for at least 38 reps. All while lifting bear foot.

“What he does in there is unreal,” first year Queen Creek head coach Travis Schureman said. “Even to this day, we’ll be done with practice and we’ll have to kick Porter out of the weightroom so we can go home. He’s dedicated to what he’s doing.”

That dedication extends into the classroom, where Reynolds has a 4.2 GPA. He takes pride in being the best he can be in all areas of his life.

He learned some of this by watching his older brother, Trey Reynolds, play. They were teammates last year. Now Trey is at plays for the University of Utah.