Peter King Previews Cardinals-Rams Week 4 Matchup

The first NFC West matchup for the Arizona Cardinals (3-0) will be a road test for Kyler Murray and crew.

The Los Angeles Rams (3-0) spent the offseason revamping the offense with one key change. It starts with the quarterback position as Matthew Stafford took the reigns. So far, he fits seamlessly into Sean McVay’s offense.

“It’s a brand new team,” Peter King said on The Brad Cesmat Show. “He told me ‘everything flows through Matthw Stafford.’ He trusts him fully.”

That’s the key difference for this team. McVay limited the offense when Jard Goff was at the helm. King believes he never fully trusted Goff to run the offense. Now the leash is off and Stafford is flourishing with this unit.

Tha Cardinlas haven’t beaten the Rams since January 1, 2017. In order to do so on Sunday, Murray will need to outduel Stafford.

“As I look at this matchup, I think it’s going to be a matchup of, which defense can make plays against a great quarterback?” King said. “Both quarterbacks are going to make plays in this game. Big, big plays in this game.”

Kickoff is slated for Sunday at 1:05 at SoFi Stadium.