Kyler Kasper Talks All-American Nod, Future Iowa Visit

Williams Field wide receiver Kyler Kasper is known for his acrobatics on social media. Whether it’s flipping over trash cans, 65-inch box jumps, windmill dunks on the basketball court or crazy 7-on-7 catches, football fans are becoming more and more familiar with this 2023 standout. 

The 6-foot-5 Kasper already feels progress within his young but experienced Black Hawk offense. After a 2020 season with minimal prep time, the wide receiver feels a difference physically and has a stronger connection with quarterback CJ Tiller. 

It’s been a busy offseason for Kasper, who holds offers from Iowa State, Iowa, ASU, Michigan State, Utah, Arizona, Nebraska, Cal, Vanderbilt, Oregon State, Missouri, UCLA, USC, Oregon, Tennessee, Notre Dame and Colorado. 

In addition to the scholarship offers, the wide receiver received an offer to participate in the 2023 All-American Bowl in San Antonio. It was an offer he quickly accepted. 

While travel has opened up for recruits, Kasper been able to take a few unofficial visits to Arizona State, Arizona and UCLA. He also plans to see Iowa for the Hawkeye’s Kent State game on September 18th. 

He breaks all that and more, on the Recruiting Roundup.