Friday Night Student Sections In Full Force

The constant chanting of “I believe that we will win,” echoes throughout the valley

Or “defense, defense, defense, defense.”

The highs and the lows are back after a 2020 season where fan participation was spotty and non-existent for most schools. The energy is contagious.

At Horizon high school, the Dawg Pound came out in full force. And they witnessed history with Horizon beating Pinnacle for the first time in program history.

And the Pioneers faithful showed out on the road as well, at times being louder than the Dawg Pound.

The Mountain View Toros, live up to the name in this video from none other than their principal. You could probably see and hear them from a mountain.

McClintock adds their own colors to this conversation

At Williams Field, a rivalry stayed in the Blackhawks’ favor. You can say the students love to see that.

Mountain Pointe students on the road at Corona Del Sol, saw an early candidate for upset of the year and game of the year. Of course the celebration was nonstop.

It’s always a great day when your baseball team fills the stands and your football team wins.

And there has to be at least one photo with babies, so here’s one from Louie Ramirez at Saguaro

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