Zone Read: (Hash) Tag – You’re It!

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High school football in the state of Arizona is far more than just a game. 

It’s a commitment. 

It’s a sacrifice.

It’s teamwork.

It’s putting others before yourself for the betterment of the program.

Over the years, AZHS coaches have not only become more fluent and relatable on social media, many have created an even greater team-first atmosphere with a simple, yet often deep-rooted message.


Outsiders may only see it as a coolection of letters or words on their timeline, but in these and many other locker rooms around the state, there is no greater rallying cry on Friday nights in the fall.

Here are just of handful with quotes for each school’s head coach.

Arizona College Prep: #FridayKnightLights – Head Coach Myron Blueford

“#FridayKnightLights is this is our first ever Friday night under our own lights. With playing at all the other Chandler Unified School District schools in previous years, there is a lot of excitement about a true Friday night lights experience for our students. Obviously a little play on our mascot but the story behind this is [it’s] our first real home game.”

Brophy: #BST (Brophy Standard Time) – Head Coach Jason Jewell

“#BST is the standard that defines our culture. It has a major meaning, Brophy Standard Time, which refers to our 5AM practice times. But there are also some submeanings, Brophy Standard Tough and Brophy Special Teams, two other areas we want to hang our hats on.”

Chandler: #OHANA – Head Coach Rick Garretson

“OHANA is a family culture here at Chandler that develops the following areas: develop young men in character and leadership, teach young men to be responsible, accountable, and men of their word, do the right thing ALL the time.”

Desert Edge: #WeAreDE – Co-Head Coach Marcus Carter

“#WeAreDE simply means we are family, academics, athletics, arts, clubs, etc. We come together to make Desert Edge a great learning and extracurricular institution. The “R” stands for rigor, relevance, and relationships. That’s what makes Desert Edge great.”

Desert Vista: #AGNB (All Gas No Brakes) – Head Coach Ty Wisdom

“I want our team to have a sense of urgency in everything we do. Play fast with relentless effort.”

Paradise Valley: #WeUsOurs – Head Coach Greg Davis

“#WeUsOurs is a hashtag that represents what I believe is important to playing TEAM football. It represents servant leadership and reminds everyone in our program that we are working together for a greater goal. [It] teaches young men the importance of understanding that actions always have consequences that affect more than themselves. Play and do for the name on the front of the jersey and the name on the back will reap the benefits. #WeUsOurs”

Pinnacle: #WeAreALLin – Head Coach Dana Zupke

“One of the issues that we’ve had as a program is that, while we have a lot of good kids, many are just happy to say they are on the team. They show up to lifting and workouts and they put in the work but it’s not always their best effort. Even some of our best kids don’t study enough film or study their playbooks hard enough. So we challenged our players with, ‘Are you all in?’ Meaning fully committed. Then we made a shirt: WE ARE ALL pINacle.” 

Saguaro: #BTB (Burn The Boats) – Head Coach Jason Mohns

“We have a lofty goal for our program. We know that in order to achieve that goal, our level of commitment has to be greater than that of “ordinary” people. #BTB is our commitment to not allow any excuses or distractions to get in the way of us getting what we want. BURN THE BOATS”

Salpointe Catholic: #LetsTakeState – Head Coach Eric Rogers

“The backstory of our hashtag is really just part of our fight song.”

“We’re going to tell you something tonight about the team you’re going to fight, We’re the Lancers, Salpointe High, if we don’t win, we’re willing to try! Out on the field, we’re ready to fight, (FIGHT!) We’re going to fight with full force and might (MIGHT!) Win or lose, we’ll stick together, Onward to victory! Lancers, Lancers, Let’s take State!”