“Wilner Hotline” Added to Sports360AZ.com

(Michael Malone/Bay Area News Group)

A note from Sports360AZ.com CEO Brad Cesmat 

I am VERY pleased to announce that we have agreed to carry the popular “Wilner Hotline” Pac-12 content this afternoon.  Jon’s work originates in the San Jose Mercury News and is carried in most Pac-12 markets. I’ve had Jon on as a TV show guest many times, and without a doubt, he’s the most compelling, complete read when it comes to Pac-12 football and basketball.  As we start our 10th year of the company, having Jon provide insight, analysis, and commentary to the site and our other platforms is a big “win” in my book. 

From Bud Geracie, Executive Sports Editor Bay Area News Group, “This is a win-win for Sports360AZ and us, but the biggest winner is your audience. With this partnership, Jon Wilner’s Pac-12 Hotline is now syndicated to fans in every Pac-12 market except one, and we are in discussions to complete the sweep. Arizona and Sports360, you’re on the ‘Line!”

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