Twitter Timeline: Suns Sweep Still On The Table

(AP Photo/Matt York)


Devin Booker was preparing to “SLAM” the Milwaukee Bucks before tip-off.

1st Quarter

But it was Giannas who opened the game up, nailing the first bucket in Game 2.

But it didn’t take long for the Suns to answer back. 

Were Suns fans the X-Factor? This shows they might’ve been. 

The Suns completed the first quarter with eight three’s. 

2nd Quarter

CP3 was having a rough start until sinking this nifty jumper. 

Booker had all of Phoenix hyped up after this play. Ok. Let’s be real, Phoenix fans have been hyped for weeks. 

Giannis had to do what he could to get his team as hyped as the fans in the stands. 

You see what I mean now?

The Suns went into halftime leading the Bucks 56-45. Mikal Bridges was the leading scorer with 13 points at the half. 

3rd Quarter

The Suns started off the 2nd half in dominant fashion. What. A. Sequence. 

“Clear the runway” Deandre Ayton is taking off once again!

Giannis was carrying his team, joining some of the GOATs with this postseason stat line. He scored 20 points in the third quarter which is the most by any player in any  NBA Finals quarter since Michael Jordan in ’93. 

4th Quarter

Chris Paul making moves early in the 4th and reminding us all of the postseason playmaker he’s been. 

Live look at Booker in the 4th quarter. 

I think we’d all line up to get a pep talk like this. 

Giannis’ doctor called. He said his back hurts from carrying his team. 

And a sweep is still on the table for the Suns after taking Game 2, 118-108.