Three Dot Thoughts – “Cream City”- Welcome to Milwaukee

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People from Milwaukee that I’ve come across are some of the nicest folks around. What’s not to like about having a brewery on every corner? It’s like golf courses in Maricopa County. At this rate, however, Bucks fans will be crowding the breweries to drink away their sorrows.

I’m en route to this little slice of heaven to witness the eventual crowning of the Suns as NBA Champions. What I’ve seen out of these Bucks through the first two games is they made it through the war of attrition that Brooklyn and Philly succumbed to. They are the third best team out of the East and it shows. Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton will be teammates of Devin Booker’s next month at the Tokyo Olympics, but they aren’t playing to the level of Booker’s Suns teammates Chris Paul and Mikal Bridges. 

Fun fact-

“Cream” is about right. So far, that would be the best word to describe this Finals. 

So what am I going to do here to pass time for five days while waiting for the Suns to win their first title?  Visit the Laverne and Shirley Museum?  Pass…

It’s bad enough that Aaron Rodgers wants out of this little slice of heaven, but watching a slow death on the basketball court must surely hurt even more for the fans around these parts.