On The Rocks – Fishing With The Arizona Fishing Guides

Hey everyone, welcome to On The Rocks! I’m your guide, Claudia Faust. Every week I’ll take you on a new adventure as I check hikes, waterfalls, and other outdoor activities off of my Arizona bucket list. Today we’re heading to Bartlett Lake to go fishing with the Arizona Fishing Guides. 

Scooter Griffith, the owner of The Arizona Fishing Guides, met us at Bartlett Lake about 45 minutes away from downtown Phoenix. Our goal was to catch a few Largemouth Bass. The drive to the lake alone gave me a beautiful fix of nature after a few weeks of putting hiking on hold. The adventure became even more fun as we boarded the boat and started fishing!

Scooter was an excellent tour guide and gave us plenty of opportunities to catch a lot of fish. I had practically no experience before this excursion but I can now say, “I’m hooked!” And yes, that was a fishing pun! 

I caught a handful of fish in just two hours on the lake and I can say with confidence it won’t be my last time fishing with The Arizona Fishing Guides.