On The Rocks – Birthing Cave

Hey everyone, welcome to On The Rocks! I’m your trail guide, Claudia Faust. Every week I’ll take you on a new adventure as I check hikes, waterfalls, and other outdoor activities off of my Arizona bucket list. Today we’re heading to Sedona to hike to the Birthing Cave!

The Birthing Cave is one of three major caves in Sedona, Arizona. It’s been on my bucket list for quite some time, along with the other two caves. This is the shortest cave hike of the three because it’s only 2 miles long and has very little elevation gain.

My parents are in town for the entire month visiting from Florida! You may already know this, but Florida and Arizona have only one thing in common…the heat. This was the perfect Sunday morning hike because we were able to beat the heat and take in some insanely beautiful views.