Magic Number Is Four: Suns Players Ready To Deliver

(AP Photo/Matt York)

As the magic number dropped from 16 with one win at a time, Suns players haven’t felt any surprise. This is what the mission is. This crew expects nothing less than to be in this position. They know the work isn’t finished. The magic number is four.

“Excitement is big,” Dario Saric said. “Right now it’s turned into more focus on tactics and game plan.”

The Bucks are uncertain of who will play, with Giannis Antetokounmpo questionable to play in Game 1. Phoenix doesn’t care because they can only control what and who’s in front of them on the court.

Yesterday at NBA Finals media day, there were lots of call backs to the 1993 Finals run. Of course Devin Booker’s outfit went the the most viral.

Game plan

Chris Paul and Devin Booker have their work cut out for them with the backcourt duo of Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton. It’s not a one-on-one game, so they’re not digging too deep into that matchup.

The bench could be the x-factor. Saric’s minutes as he spells Deandre Ayton have been placed under a microscope throughout the postseason. He knows his role and he knows what they need to do to win one game at a time.

“We need to play fast like usual,” Saric said. “They’re longer and faster than us but we can keep our speed up. Every possession matters. It’s a different game and everyone is ready for that.”

Three point shooting has been inconsistent at times throughout the season for Phoenix. The mid range game of the backcourt is what keeps them from being blown out in many cases. Look for the Suns to take advantage of their lights-out jumpers from inside the arc.

Messaging is just as important as game planning. Part of what separates this team from others is the ability of Monty Williams to relate to his players while getting his messages across. His message to the team this week is simple. “It’s time to take it all.”

“We’re here for one reason,” Saric said “To try and get that ring. That’s all that matters now… Monty is proud of us and now he’s ready for us to finish this last step.”