Chris Paul Bashing Out of Control

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Without Chris Paul, the Suns wouldn’t be in the NBA Finals. 

From last night’s loss to a layover on my flight home from Milwaukee this morning, Paul has taken more social media abuse than any Suns player this season. 

Like Devin Booker in Game Three, Paul had a poor game by his standards. Was he hurt? Was it a fluke or is he simply getting worn down by the Bucks Jru Holiday? 

His two fourth-quarter turnovers(five for the night) were the glaring number in the Suns loss. But it wasn’t just Paul. The Suns turned the ball over 17 times. The amount of venom directed at him through the “world’s largest sports bar” that is social media, is stunning to me. 

Getting ripped is part of the deal. But if it’s not Scott Foster, Mark Jackson, or Jeff Van Gundy’s fault that the Suns lose, then Paul ends up being the one that gets crushed. Not the finest moment of the Finals. 

If he hits the winning shot Saturday night, will all be forgiven?