Cam Johnson Could Be The X-Factor For The Suns In NBA Finals

(AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

Cam Johnson has proved his abilities off the bench on more than one occasion during the Suns’ playoff run and is ready to make his return to the hardwood in the NBA Finals. 

After missing Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals due to a non-COVID illness, his team trusts his ability whether he’s starting or coming off the bench. 

“I’ve told him a number of times he’s a starter in this league and he has to see himself that way,” said Suns head coach Monty Williams. “He provides so much more than just his shooting.” 

In the WCF series against the Clippers, the Suns power forward averaged 10.8 points and four rebounds per game and proved his value before missing Game 6.

“His defense in the Clippers series really helped us and his ability to stay in front of the ball against different types of offensive guys is something that we value,” Williams said.

The Suns head coach also complimented Johnson’s ability to make plays, pass, and attack the basket in high-stress situations, and NBA veteran Chris Paul agrees. 


“It’s such a luxury to have a guy like that on the team,” Paul said. “If he has to start, he’s cool with it. If he has to come off the bench, he’s cool with it.”

Williams said he values Johnson’s work ethic, versatility, character, and notices that he has an “edge” to him. 

“The thing that I wish he would do more is just go to the hole and just punch it on people because he has that kind of athletic ability,” said Williams. “We’ve been trying to get him to, you know, attack the rim with force because he can get there and he can finish.”

As the Suns await the results of the Eastern Conference Finals, Cam Johnson and the rest of the team have had two days to relax and reset before Phoenix’s first trip to the Finals since 1993.