Suns/Sports Unify our Community

Arizona Sports News online

Our community has a winning professional sports franchise. For many (not all), that is something to be excited about after what we’ve gone through over the last 15 months. 

I walked around the arena before the Suns and Lakers started their playoff series. I didn’t see or hear anyone espousing or confrontational over political views. I didn’t hear anyone talking back over being told to wear a mask to get into the playoff game. I didn’t see any eye rolls or hear opinions expressed over someone’s decision to get vaccinated. 

Instead, I heard chants of “Beat LA”. I saw purple and orange masks and jerseys. I heard laughter and a buzz of anticipation. I know, I know, there will be some who don’t get/like the impact of what a winning sports franchise can do to bring a community together. The unifying force of sports is undeniable.

Tomorrow night I’ll be at a sold-out game two between the Suns and Nuggets. Fans will loudly boo Jokic. They will blow the roof off to cheer  Chris Paul. The noise before tip-off will be deafening. Celebrities will be in the front row. Kids will experience something that hasn’t happened in their lifetime, a Western Conference title-contending team. 

For two and a half hours, we will be a unified community once again. After the last 15 months, that’s a very good thing. No one can deny that…