Sande Sez-Spring Ball Tour- Boulder Creek

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Spring ball tour continues. I made a quick stop up north to check out Boulder Creek. I didn’t get to see them on the field just yet, but I was able to see them in the weight room and feel the energy around the team. Spirits were high, energy was high, and the weights were heavy.



I spoke with coach Casarella for a while, and he’s looking forward to getting started this season. We talked in-depth about last year’s 6A semi-final game. It’s still heartbreaking to him and his team. Coach Cas says he still watches that game film to this day so he can learn and better prepare his team for situations.

I was there that semi-final game, and let me tell you; it was loud. I could barely hear my cameraman standing next to me. So to be a player on the field and trying to communicate, I can only imagine it was just as hard. So better believe next season when the stadium is rocking, it won’t even phase the Jags because coach Cas is making sure they are ready for that situation. 

With their star quarterback and star running back graduating, it will be all hands on deck to figure out who is next up in line. For the QB position, there will be a battle between Jaiden Clifford and Rowan McKenzie. (Clifford will be a senior, and McKenzie will be a sophomore)  I hope to get back up to BC to check them both out, and then I can better assess who I think will win this battle. Stay tuned!

As for the running back position, it will be Sr Colten Burkett and Jr Sinjin Schmitt leading the way. According to coach Cas, the next-in-line guy is eager to step up and prove they can take on the role. The Jags lost a lot of talent with more than 20 seniors graduating. This opens the door wide for the next man up to seize his opportunity. 

Another name to keep an eye out for is Ethan Johnson, who transferred in from Liberty. 

It’s going to be a fun season!