On The Rocks – Fay Canyon Arch

Hey everyone, welcome to On The Rocks! I’m your trail guide, Claudia Faust. Every week I’ll take you on a new adventure as I check hikes, waterfalls, and other outdoor activities off of my Arizona bucket list. Today we’re heading to Sedona to hike up to a hidden gem – the Fay Canyon Arch! **Fay Canyon Arch Trail is currently closed, see below**

Fay Canyon Arch

Fay Canyon Arch Trail is a 1.5-mile hike with just 246 feet of elevation gain. While just under 250 feet of elevation gain doesn’t seem like much the trail is rated moderate. The majority of the trail is on a sandy path surrounded by trees and shrubbery. All of the elevation gain comes at once, 250 feet up to the arch. 

I love trails with scrambles because they’re fun but also provide a bit of a challenge. When I arrived at the top I was overwhelmed with excitement. The view of the canyon was massive but the arch was the star of the show. The arch was actually more of a bridge, if you’re not afraid of heights you could climb up and walk on top of the arch. 

Fay Canyon Arch would be a great trail to take when Devils Bridge is super crowded (which is most days). In my opinion, this hike was better than Devils Bridge because of the views, the fun scramble, and because it was not overly trafficked! 

Put your plans to head north on hold

Unfortunately, I have some bad news. You’ll have to shelf this hike for a few weeks because the entire Coconino National Forest will be closed to the public due to wildfires. 

This closure means that all trails within the Coconino National Forest will be closed. According to a statement released by the USDA, “A full forest closure means that the public is prohibited from entering any part of Coconino National Forest at any time. Only those with private inholdings will be allowed access to their property, as well as personnel providing utility support where necessary, and firefighters performing their duties.”

For updates on closures be sure to follow @CoconinoNF on Twitter