Nijrell Eason Receiving Recruiting Interest Early in High School Career

Class of 2024 defensive back Nijrell Eason has already shown what he can do at the varsity level.

Despite virtually no offseason leading into his freshman year, the 6-foot, 170-pound defensive back had 21 tackles, one tackle for loss, three passes defended and three interceptions. Impressive numbers for a freshman playing varsity, but all the more impressive to know that he went head-to-head against opponent’s No. 1 wide receivers, a group that included Chandler’s Kyion Grayes and Casteel’s Isaiah Newcombe. 

On the recruiting front, Eason received his first offers from Purdue and Iowa State this spring. Between the recording and posting of this interview, he also was offered by NAU. 

He joined the Recruiting Roundup to discuss his busy freshman season, what jumps out to him about his first two offers and how he hopes to improve for his sophomore season.