Monty Williams Still Feeling Good Amid CP3 Uncertainty

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(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Chris Paul will be away from the team due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

With uncertainty around his status, head coach Monty Williams is preparing his team the only way he knows how. He isn’t commenting on what happens if Paul can’t play. 

“All we can do is the next right thing, which is what we did today at practice,” Williams said. “We put ourselves in a good place and now we’ll just do what we can to overcome what’s in front of us.”

Sweeping the Nuggets was a blessing for the Suns. Williams says the team is focused on working everyday, that hasn’t and won’t change no matter what.

The Suns still await a Western Conference Finals opponent. The Jazz and Clippers are tied 2-2 heading into game five tonight. If the series goes six, game one will be played on Sunday, and if it goes seven, game one will be on Tuesday. 

If Paul can’t go, Cameron Payne will be asked to step up. Williams has confidence in him because he’s played plenty with the starting lineup this year.

“Payne will be ready to play as always,” Williams said. “The preparation won’t change this week, we’re still practicing and thinking like we always do.”

Basketball coaching is like chess, you have to be moves ahead. Because of that, Williams said he’s thinking of all possibilities, but he doesn’t want his players to think about that.