Game Three Twitter Timeline: Suns Fall To Clippers, 106-92

Reggie Jackson shoots as Deandre Ayton defends in Game 3

The trifecta was back in business tonight. CP3 wasted no time making his presence known on the hardwood.

Clippers and Suns fans alike had their eyes on CP3 but couldn’t look away from the extra equipment Devin Booker was sporting. The protective shield looked a bit like a strange Halloween costume…but whatever works. 

Devin Booker and Chris Paul didn’t look like the usual dynamic duo…and the 1st quarter results showed it. The Clippers took an early 29-21 lead heading into the 2nd quarter. 

The Suns rose to the occasion in the 2nd quarter, making a comeback and taking the lead after a slow start. 

They weren’t looking like the post-season Phoenix Suns the world has come to know. Regardless, they Rallied the Valley and went into halftime up by 2 points. 

Ayton was the real star of the first half with 10 points and 6 rebounds.

Paul George was having his best game of the series right as Devin Booker was having his worst.

Devin Booker tallied his fourth foul and his first technical foul in the third quarter. Maybe the new gear has some bad juju?

The Clippers closed out the third quarter in style. Paul George was already heating up but he lit a fire inside Clippers fans with this half-court shot. 

With about 7 minutes left in the game the Suns went on a 12-0 run to cut the Clippers lead but couldn’t keep it going long enough. While Phoenix was heating up, Chris Paul went up to #16 on the NBA Playoffs Total Steals leader board. 

Just when Phoenix looked like they were making a comeback, they went 3.5 minutes without scoring a single point. 


The Clippers probably just didn’t want the “Suns in Four” guy to get that much attention. The sweep is out of the question for the Suns after the Clippers got the dominant W. So is there a “Suns in Five” guy out there somewhere?

The Suns will try to come back from their 106-92 loss on Saturday for Game 4.