Booker Becomes Superstar Right In Front Of Our Eyes

(AP Photo/Ashley Landis)

Devin Booker is now a superstar. The addition of the prefix “super” just happened right in front of our eyes.

47 points, including a career-high eight three-pointers to eliminate the defending champions on the road. Leading the Suns to a first round victory over a LeBron James led team, something no team has ever done before. This comes after two subpar performances from Booker in games 3 and 4 at the Staples Center. Superstars always bounce back and deliver.

Still think he’s just a stat machine? How about only the eighth best player under the age of 25? What about an All-Star replacement? Your answer should be no.

This isn’t an overreaction to one game or back-to-back games. It’s the culmination of everything Booker has worked for as the best player on this team.

He always said he just wanted a chance to compete for a winning team. The Suns front office rebuilt the roster to give him that opportunity because they knew what everyone is now seeing on a national stage: Booker is special.

It’s not just about the numbers. It’s the aggression, response to adversity, and drive to “Be Legendary,” courtesy of the late-great Kobe Bryant. Round one was a test he’s been studying for since he arrived in Phoenix. He’s acing with flying colors.

Make no mistake, Chris Paul is the difference-maker for the culture of this team. His track record proves that. However, this is Booker’s team. Point blank. They will go as far as he takes them. And with performances like in Game 6 tonight, that could be quite a distance.

Round 2

Next up for Booker and the Suns is a dance with potential MVP Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets. A team that is hungry to live up to their regular season performances that haven’t equated to deep playoff runs in previous years. Phoenix looks to keep it that way.