On The Rocks – Horton Creek Trail

Hey everyone, welcome to On The Rocks! I’m your trail guide, Claudia Faust. Every week I’ll take you on a new adventure as I check hikes, waterfalls, and other outdoor activities off of my Arizona bucket list. Today we’re heading to Payson, Arizona to escape the heak and hike the Horton Creek Trail!

Payson is the perfect day trip from the Valley. For me, the drive was less than two hours and I packed plenty of snacks and picked up a Subway sandwhich to enjoy at some point during the 8.2 mile trek. The water was absolutely beautiful, the moss-covered rocks were mezmerizing, and the water was so cool and refreshing! While the hike has nearly 2,500 feet of elevation gain, it is a very gradual trail. There was plenty of wildlife along the trail…I saw so many birds, lizards, and even a Western Coral Snake! The whole hike took 3.5 hours to complete.