Peter King On Which Teams Could Trade Up In NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft less than a week away, the anticipation is beginning to grow.

What’s known is the first three selections are going to be quarterbacks. After that, the madness seems like it’s going to begin. 

According to Football Morning In America’s Peter King, there is “great mystery” surrounding this year’s draft after the first three picks. Kyle Pitts is the most sought after player that isn’t a quarterback, and there is plenty of talent in between as well. 

King elaborated on the pre-draft chaos and possible trades that he could see happening last week when he joined the Brad Cesmat Show

“Let’s just say that Justin Fields and/or Trey Lance is sitting there around six or seven. I think seven, Detroit, is probably going to be a wide receiver. We can sort of see right now. Five, six, and seven are not going to be quarterbacks and I don’t believe the Bengals are going to trade down, and I’m fairly sure Miami isn’t going to trade down,” King said. “… I think Carolina at eight and Denver at nine are the sweet spot for New England at 15, Washington at 19, and Chicago at 20, to jump up and try to get Justin Fields or Trey Lance if one or both are still there. I kind of think there is going to be some significant action early in the first-round of this draft.”

The first-round of the draft begins on Thursday, April 29 at 5 p.m. local time.