Herm Edwards: Passion over Emotion

Arizona Sports News online

ASU football is back. It’s almost been one full week of Fall Camp, and today the full pads came out. However, even with full pads, there still wasn’t any live tackling, but football is back and one day closer to playing on Saturday. 

“I think we are starting to develop as far as packages on offense, defense, and special teams. Starting to let players know that there are not enough reps to go around for everyone… we have to hone in on what we are going to do… it’s good competition.” Edwards explained to the media on Thursday about where the team is during camp so far. 

The Sun Devil’s head coach answered questions ranging from if he wants to coach in the NFL again, playing freshmen and even how he would keep the players from watching College Football on Saturdays and wishing they had a game.
To put everyone at ease first, Edwards assured everyone this is his last “hurrah.” 
The Big Ten and Pac-12 are behind the other Power 5 conferences in that they are already playing football on Saturdays, which leads the Arizona State players left to watch other teams play while they can’t.

” I try to do this every week … we always take situations out of games that have occurred, and we learn from them. I am a big situations guy.. we all sit in as a team and talk about situations that occur in football games.. that is the whole key when you first start back,” said Herm with regards to how he will use Saturday games going on now to help prepare his team for their first games. 
It’s no secret that Coach Edwards likes to use all of his players. He doesn’t shy away from anyone’s age or being too young. He will use freshman, and that goes for both sides of the ball, even on defense that is the more mature side of the ball, 
“What season have we not used freshmen?” Herm joked.  “If you can get some young guys in the mix, it will help their confidence.” 
Not only will it help their confidence, but will also get them game day exposure that will also help with their emotions and how they handle the game, 
“The thing I have learned the most about college football …  how do the emotions of young people, how do they handle the emotions the day of the game. Young people are very emotional, but I prefer passion over emotion because emotion seems to put us in a different space, and when you get there, errors occur..” 
Passion > emotion.