Pierce Advice To Recruits: Get Social

The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone in the football world pivot, including Arizona State recruiting coordinator Antonio Pierce.

The ASU associate head/co-defensive coordinator has, like the rest of us, been mostly grounded during his usual spring and summer travel season evaluating talent from around the country.

“I have not seen any student-athlete since January because we haven’t been able to get on the road,” Pierce explained in a recent interview with Sports360AZ.com’s Brad Cesmat. “Nobody is allowed to come here on campus. Everything we’re doing…is on this phone (holding up his iPhone).”

A smart phone can be both a recruit’s best friend and worst enemy, especially when it comes to handling their personal social media.

Pierce believes, for the Class of 2021 players who lost exposure with spring camps and showcases shutdown during the pandemic, those looking for more recruiting love can actually help themselves get noticed from the comfort of their own home.

“This is where you need to use social media,” he said. “This is what social media is used for. Use it as your platform. Show us you working out. Show us you doing drills.”

He was transparent in admitting recruiting, during the pandemic, has become more of a guessing game than ever.

“I’ll be honest,” Pierce noted. “We have kids committed. I’ve never seen them. Never seen them in person but we’re banking on our eyes and our information and the data…to make that decision.”

The Devils (for now) open their shortened season at rival Arizona on September 26th.