VIDEO – AIA Executive Director David Hines on Flipping Sports Calendar Question

Arizona Sports News online

Arizona Interscholastic Association Executive Director David Hines released a video through the AIA website on Friday morning addressing several topics, none bigger than looking at  moving high school sports seasons in the current’ COVID-19 pandemic. “It doesn’t make sense to look at that, for us moving seasons isn’t something, a road that we really don’t want to go down”.

Hines was asked at the 4:47 mark of the interview about the hot button question of flipping spring sports like baseball, softball, and track from the  to the fall. “That’s a complicated issue. I think what everybody has to understand,  is we manage and run state tournaments for 22 different sports and for us and our association every sport that we manage is extremely important.

Hines continued, “There is not one sport that is not one sport that is more important or takes over for another sport, all of our sports are important. There are many logistical concerns, for example. our Fall sports that we have typically those sports during the winter or spring then move into some type of club or national type of competition, during the remainder of that time, vice versa the sports in the spring time, baseball softball, they are playing their club sports in the Fall and during the Winter time. That is an opportunity for them to, if they choose, if they aren’t playing another sport, for them to get additional coaching and additional playing and potential for scholarship opportunities down the line”.

One state that is looking at the potential of moving sports is Texas. Below is a calendar that was sent to Sports360az earlier this week that shows football would be flip-flopped to the Spring of 2021, with baseball, softball, and track moving to the Fall.