Silence of the Bands Hurts Arizona H.S. Football for Fall

Arizona Sports News online

All is well when I hear the high school band on a Friday night at football field. So when Arizona band and orchestra was canceled for the fall, earlier this past week, I felt like that was a big shot against hope for football or girls volleyball in that time period. How do school administrators explain to the participants and parents of band that they can’t march, while bodily fluids are being thrown around for 70 or so plays on the football field?  More than a few in the high school athletics space I spoke with were surprised with ADOBA announcement.

IF, and it’s a big IF, we have high school football and girls volleyball  this fall, the two sports won’t look that much different, but there will be change  A few unnamed coaches and administrators shared with me what they believe high school sports will look like if there’s a season. 

The sidelines for football will be cleared out except for the players. coaches, and only necessary administrators.  Some schools have former players and coaches up and down the entire 100 yards. Can’t see that happening in 2020 if we are able to have games. Perhaps the sideline traffic gets put in the end zones. Yes, I am going off the idea that there will be fans in the stands. One administrator suggested on Friday that having fans in the stands and student sections are vitally important to the overall high school experience for the players. 

In girls volleyball, the players on the benches would be masked up. There would be no changeovers or shaking hands, fist bumps after the matches are complete. There would be several volleyballs that would be changed out. Footballs would be rotated out and cleaned after each series. Locker rooms wouldn’t be used much, if at all. Football players would arrive at the school in their football uniforms, but pick up their pads and helmets upon arrival. What would this look like for a team that is traveling? Coaches and players would be in masks or gators. Same for referees. 

More to come on this throughout the week.