Meet NFL Agent Molly McManimie

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Women in sports. There are a lot more of us today than there were back even 5 years ago, but there is still a lot of work to do. Meet Molly McMinimie. She is an NFL Agent living in Las Vegas, Nevada paving the way for females in sports. Luckily for us, her story starts right here in the valley.  She is an Arizona native who went to school at Basha High. Molly credits Basha to why she has excelled so well in life. 

“It’s where I discovered my passion for leadership and just how to take on challenges. I had a really good high school experience just because I was given free rein to be a mini entrepreneur, just a leader, we had a great staff that supported us in student government … I had a fantastic high school experience. I loved growing up in Arizona.  It was hard to leave,  but I knew I had to.” 
Molly went from Arizona to California where she got her Law Degree from Chapman University. Her story doesn’t end there, she was able to land a job at Caric Sports Management as an NFL agent which lead her to Las Vegas where she currently resides. She is living her dream while making others come true. 
The Arizona native is one of three at her firm and the only female at Caric Sports. She is here to prove and show that females that they can and WILL do it too. 
” Just proving time and time again that we are capable … The idea that women don’t play it really comes into play a lot. I am very fortunate that most interactions are so positive, but the few times they are not I think its just the idea that football is some complex thing that only men can understand and that’s just not the case.”
Often times there is a preconceived notion that all women are competing against each other. I know for me, I believe there is room at the top for everyone, and according to Molly, the female NFL agent paving the way for other females she agrees.  
” I want women to advance, period.”