Valley Star, NBA Draft Prospect Howard Talks Mental Health

Many people might assume athletes don’t have a worry in the world.  Whether a student-athlete or professional, they’re supposed to be immune to mental health issues because of their athletic ability and the mental toughness they must have to play a sport.

The reality is mental health issues can affect anyone, even athletes. More and more college and professional athletes are coming forward with their mental health struggles of dealing with anxiety, depression and even thoughts of suicide. The hope is by sharing their stories, it might help someone else reach out and not feel like it’s a sign of weakness.

The Sports360AZ team is committed to talking about mental health through athletes’ personal stories and experts in the field who want to make a difference. It’s ok to ask for help and it’s ok to start the conversation to put you back on a healthy track mentally.

This week’s Starting the Conversation is with NBA prospect Markus Howard.

The Marquette University basketball standout, who began his high school career at Perry High School in Gilbert, is very open about his mental health and keeping it in check.