Monty Williams Explains his Open Letter. “A Different Kind of Different, for All of Us”

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Let’s put off to the side the Suns lack of playing in a postseason game since 2010. 

Monty Williams, the head coach of the once proud purple and orange,  has given the beleaguered franchise something more important than wins and losses. In case you missed it, Williams put pen to paper over the weekend and dropped a tremendous amount of emotion into a open letter published on the team’s website on the current social unrest following the murder of George Floyd. 

Monty Williams Open Letter

Tuesday afternoon the head coach was made available by the Suns over Zoom to answer questions about what he put down on paper. .

“It’s a different kind of different for all of us,” he started out in an. opening statement

I’ve been to just two Suns games in a working capacity since Williams came on board as head coach. Watching bad basketball in front of a smattering of fans doesn’t’ do it for me.  The day he was hired by the franchise I had a nice chat with him about coming to Phoenix and wished him well. Like so many before him, the head coaching seat hasn’t been easy in terms of more losing than winning, However, there’s no question the team is finally heading in the right direction. More important, the “staying the course” mentality has been apparent since day one. This is not a man built on shortcuts. 

Here’s a snip from the reaction he has received since the Letter was published

“It’s been so cool to have so many of my white friends who ask like, what can I do. I’m not qualified to respond to that in an appropriate way, but the one encouraging thing that I hope that I did, I told every one of them to continue to be themselves. That’s why they are my friends”.