Cardinals, Kingsbury Open Up About Racial Injustice

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(AP Photo/Frank Victores)

In our present time open communication and dialogue isn’t only important but essential – the Arizona Cardinals and head coach Kliff Kingsbury made sure last week the entire organization had a platform to be heard regarding the civil unrest taking place around the world.

“We had conversations last week on a lot of topics,” Kingsbury said in a Zoom call Monday morning with the media. “We touched on what was going on in the world. We split up into position meetings and had more in-depth conversations. I think they were productive.”

Kingsbury said the main message he was trying to convey was the Cardinals’ franchise recognizes George Floyd’s death was “a terrible tragedy” and “the people held accountable need to be held accountable.” The team was given the day off last Thursday to be with their family and loved ones.

He also commented on the Cards’ players who have been passionately outspoken in their demand for societal change after the unthinkable incident in Minneapolis on Memorial Day.

“I’m honored to work with guys like that,” the second-year head coach said. “As we know, Fitz (Larry Fitzgerald) is kind of what we all strive to be an human beings. When you look at what he’s accomplished on and off the field – the way he carries himself and the way he treats people…Ya’ know, Pat (Patrick Peterson) and Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) are very passionate about this cause, as well. Just to be able to work with guys like that who care about others and want to push change – want to change the racial injustice. I think that’s very powerful stuff.” 

Kingsbury said he had several conversations last week with President Michael Bidwill about how they could help and be an outlet for the players.

“The racial injustice, the police brutality towards people of color – it has to stop,” he explained. “We’re all hopeful that this is a catalyst for that change.”