Bubba Wallace/NASCAR’s Signature Moment, MLB Getting Close, ASU’s Paola Boivin, Red Mountain’s Mike Peterson

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Bubba Wallace and the sport of NASCAR experienced a monumental break thorough Monday in fighting racism which has often been associated with the “Sport of Speed.” The drivers unwavering support of Wallace is something which will be impactful and remembered for several years to come. As for Major League Baseball, it appears the blueprint for a shortened season is in place…but how many people will actually care at this point? Good friend of the show Paola Boivin Skpyed in (12:58 on podcast) to weigh in on the craziness of 2020 (so far), teaching journalism in a time when the media is squarely under the microscope and much more. Plus, Red Mountain head football coach Mike Peterson (28:49 on podcast) joined Brad to talk about his decision to shut down summer workouts until early July due to the outbreak of COVID.