THREE DOTS…NFL Diversity Hiring, Saguaro v Chandler Schedule Reaction

I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around being in a meeting with the NFL when the subject of lack of minority head coaching hires is brought up. I’ve been trying to picture the moment when someone suggested, “Why don’t we reward teams with a better draft pick if they hire a minority as  head coach?”

Shockingly, (tongue firmly in cheek) this “idea” was put off for another day. The idea to incentivize a hire is just flat wrong.  In the present, the league expanded the Rooney Rule, which will now (hopefully) cover a wide variety of positions on and off of the field. The Cardinals have done a very good job on this front. Diversity through the front office, head coaches, coordinators, fellowships, and internship opportunities have been a consistent part of the franchise through the years…

This past week I got hit hard from the high school football groups about the regular season schedule for the two teams that met in the championship game for the Open Division title last December. I used to think that the Chandler v Hamilton was the most bitter competition, but in the last few days I’m finding that not to be the case.  I can’t print the comments from many who I heard from because of the language, though one longtime dialed-in high school football observer sent me a text saying “Saguaro can make the Open with their backups”. I am posting the schedules from Saguaro and Chandler and leave it at that.