No Problem with No Games

What about the players? 

It seems as though the safety of the participants to return to the world of fun and games hasn’t been taken much into consideration by those who simply say “I’m  tired of no games being played, let’s get back to work”. For some reason, I suspect these are the same sorts of folks who are boycotting Costco for making mask wearing mandatory. The “I want what is best for me, and I don’t care about anyone else”, crowd. Um, well not everyone is as special as you. 

Sure, I want to see the roof at the ballpark open up before it gets too hot. I want to hear Bob Brenly get on a poor call by an umpire. It would be cool to take in  Tyson Nash rattling off some of his Nash-isms after a beautiful play on the ice by the Coyotes. There shouldn’t(won’t) be a Camp Tontozona this year, and I’m just fine with that. Stuffing dozens of college football players into rundown dorms in the middle of the forest doesn’t exactly sound like social distancing.  Camp T doesn’t do anything other than scratch an itch for boosters from back in the Kush era. I’d feel different if it weren’t a fact that ASU hasn’t played in a Rose Bowl game since Jake and the boys in 1997(23 years of Camp T hasn’t changed that) Player safety trumps any and all of the wishes by the fans. Take the players health and safety into consideration. There hasn’t been enough of that during this whole discussion of getting back to playing games.