Curtain Closes On “The Last Dance,” An ASU-UofA Football Home-and-Home This Fall?, ESPN’s Amin Elhassan, 2020 Vision – Higley’s Isaiah Eastman

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“The Last Dance” is officially in the books and Brad and Eric both feel it went out with a bang Sunday night. Eric isn’t buying Michael Jordan ate bad pizza before the “Flu Game” against the Jazz. Could we see a home-and-home football series with ASU and UofA this fall? Brad believes it could be an option with the Pac-12 likely doing away with all non-conference games due to safety concerns. ESPN NBA Insider/”The Jump” host and former Phoenix Suns executive Amin Elhassan (11:19 on podcast) talked about “The Last Dance” as a whole, how much of it is actually believable, as well as the Suns being just days away from their 10-year no playoff anniversary. Plus, Eric catches up with Higley’s Isaiah Eastman via Skype (25:34 on podcast) for Monday’s 2020 Vision segment.