Sports360AZ All-Academic Girls Soccer Team (5A)

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For eight years, Sport360AZ has been committed to acknowledging the best and brightest student athletes in Arizona. We are excited to introduce the Sports360AZ All-Academic Winter Sports Teams brought to you by Venezia’s Pizzeria and IBEW Local 640 to recognize the excellence of student-athletes not only on the field but in the classroom as well.

We were overwhelmed by the response from players, coaches, athletic directors and parents and their nominations. This is the largest Sports360AZ All-Academic Winter Sports Team in this recognition’s history. Submissions surpassed last year’s total by over 500 nominations. Thank you for recognizing these incredible student-athletes!

A few notes on how the team was compiled: 

Sports360AZ reached out to every athletic director in the state, as well as every varsity head coach for the above sports requesting nominations based on performance in the classroom. We also opened up nominations to parents and players as well. This is the only way to be named to the all-academic team. Thank you to the high school community for recognizing these student-athletes!

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Thank you so much for your nominations, and be sure to use #Sports360AZScholars when sharing these teams on social media.

First Team

Karis Stull Millennium 5.24 weighted GPA
Haley Harris Cienega 5.15 weighted GPA
Kenzie McGeorge Millennium 5.05 weighted GPA
Alyssa Cave Campo verde 4.83 weighted GPA
Alexandra Poulsen Campo verde 4.8 weighted gpa
Helen Nguyen Paradise Valley 4.8 weighted GPA
Sasha Contreras Betty Fairfax 4.8 weighted GPA
Margaret Votruba North Canyon 4.78 weighted GPA
Gracie Kamp Verrado 4.77 weighted GPA
Gabby Sangillo Millennium 4.73 weighted GPA
Caitlin Perez Verrado 4.71 weighted GPA
Gabby Strevay Cienega 4.7 weighted GPA
Mia Torres Cienega 4.7 weighted GPA
McKenna Shuler Cactus Shadows 4.67 weighted GPA
Ashley Macedo Maricopa 4.67 weighted GPA
Julia Igneri Centennial 4.66 weighted GPA
Kylie Ibach Casteel 4.66 weighted GPA
Morgan Minnis Casteel 4.66 weighted GPA
Lily Steenhard Casteel 4.63 weighted GPA
Lizbeth Chavarria Independence 4.63 weighted GPA
Catherine Corlett Campo Verde 4.6 weighted GPA
Theresa Octaviano Empire 4.6 weighted GPA
Jewel Padilla Campo Verde 4.6 weighted GPA
Syndey Nelson Paradise Valley 4.6 weighted GPA
Rori Gosiak Maricopa 4.56 weighted GPA
Savannah Shelabarger Maricopa 4.55 weighted GPA
Brenda Padilla Desert View 4.51 weighted GPA
Hannah Hill Paradise Valley 4.5 weighted GPA
Samara Cuevas Betty Fairfax 4.5 weighted GPA
Kyli Swann Casteel 4.5 weighted GPA
Jordan Singleton Cienega 4.5 weighted GPA
Ambar Geering-Soto Centennial 4.46 weighted GPA
Cassidy Zimmerman Maricopa 4.45 Weighted GPA
Reagan Thomas Paradise Valley 4.4 weighted GPA
McKinley Hacker Maricopa 4.39 weighted GPA
Anna Kramarczyk Maricopa 4.39 Weighted
Riley Glasco Cactus Shadows 4.37 weighted GPA
Celeste Mesa Desert View 4.36 weighted GPA
Samantha Anger Casteel 4.35 weighted GPA
Lauren sneath Campo Verde 4.33 weighted GPA
Elsa Davis Notre Dame Preparatory 4.32 weighted GPA
Alexandria Koklys Cactus Shadows 4.3 weighted GPA
Deanna Lord Notre Dame Preparatory 4.3 weighted GPA
Caia Phelan Reyes Paradise Valley 4.3 weighted GPA
Emma Riecks Paradise Valley 4.3 weighted GPA
Maryanna Montes Betty Fairfax 4.3 weighted GPA
Morgan Lewis Casteel 4.3 weighted GPA
Brynnley Lourenco Cienega 4.3 weighted GPA
Isabella Narvaez Cienega 4.3 weighted GPA
Marissa Etchart Cienega 4.3 weighted GPA
Mayah Kenzer North Canyon 4.29 weighted GPA
Ali James Verrado 4.29 weighted GPA
Grace briseno Campo Verde 4.29 weighted GPA
Brianna Paxton North Canyon 4.25 weighted GPA
Melinda Lertzman North Canyon 4.22 weighted GPA
Katerina Kostouros Cactus Shadows 4.22 weighted GPA
Jessica Noonan Centennial 4.20 weighted GPA
Tina Filipe Paradise Valley 4.2 weighted GPA
Nathaly Granados Velasquez Independence 4.2 weighted GPA
Mackenzie Johnson Cienega 4.2 weighted GPA
Emma Sinnwell Paradise Valley 4.2 unweighted GPA
Mary wagoner Campo verde 4.17 weighted GPA
Rebekah eicher Campo verde 4.17 weighted GPA
Ketzi Villalobos Centennial 4.17 weighted GPA
Paislee Mitchell Centennial 4.17 weighted GPA
Alyssa Etzel Maricopa 4.17 weighted GPA
Anel Kenzhekeyeva Maricopa 4.17 weighted GPA
Ariana Gonzalez-Lopez Casteel 4.17 weighted GPA
Amanda cave Campo Verde 4.167 weighted GPA
Alexis Valencia Centennial 4.16 weighted GPA
Ava Wheaton Casteel 4.16 weighted GPA
Atziry Palomares Desert View 4.15 weighted GPA
Ryann Schidler Notre Dame Preparatory 4.12 weighted GPA
Jacqueline Culver Notre Dame Preparatory 4.1 weighted GPA
Abigail Gutierrez Betty Fairfax 4.1 weighted GPA
Allison Clemens Empire 4.1 weighted GPA
Alijah Howard Betty Fairfax 4.1 weighted GPA
Kenna Kiefer Cienega 4.1 weighted GPA
Lauren Fields Cienega 4.1 weighted GPA
Christina Cervi Notre Dame Preparatory 4.06 weighted GPA
Noelle Wilson Notre Dame Preparatory 4.06 weighted GPA
Alisha Maake Casteel 4.06 weighted GPA
Payson Hacker Maricopa 4.05 weighted GPA
Alexandra Ormsby Empire 4.04 weighted GPA
Megan Chermack Notre Dame Preparatory 4.03 weighted GPA
Jezelle Magallanes Maricopa 4.03 weighted GPA
Jorgia Jasper Casteel 4.03 weighted GPA
Madisanne Dahl Verrado 4.02 weighted GPA
Madelyn Fraunces Notre Dame Preparatory 4.01 weighted GPA
Alexis Kreipke Campo Verde 4.0 weighted GPA
Hailey Hough Campo Verde 4.0 weighted GPA
Katy Cafaro Campo Verde 4.0 weighted GPA
Kayla Caballero Campo Verde 4.0 weighted GPA
Morgan Gin Campo Verde 4.0 weighted GPA
Laine Thielen Notre Dame Preparatory 4.0 weighted GPA
Maya Ford Notre Dame Preparatory 4.0 weighted GPA
Gabriella Ray Campo Verde 4.0 weighted GPA
Isabella Koklys Cactus Shadows 4.0 weighted GPA
Jessica Robles Betty Fairfax 4.0 weighted GPA
Kayla Kaaua Paradise Valley 4.0 weighted GPA
Nathalie Lewis Casteel 4.0 weighted GPA
Sophia Tice Casteel 4.0 weighted GPA
Ali Towle Cienega 4.0 weighted GPA
Kate Goss Cienega 4.0 weighted GPA
Molly Hester Cienega 4.0 weighted GPA
Riley Bonner Cienega 4.0 weighted GPA
Brynn Thorup Higley 4.0 unweighted GPA
Kayla Haskett Higley 4.0 unweighted GPA


Honorable Mention

Aaliyah Tatum – Desert View – 3.33 unweighted GPA
Alana Konderik – Centennial – 3.90 weighted GPA
Alexa Torstenson – Campo verde – 3.83 weighted GPA
Alexandra Otero – Paradise Valley – 3.7 weighted GPA
Alexandra White – Casteel – 3.14 unweighted GPA
Alondra Jimenez – Desert View – 3.85 weighted GPA
Alyssa Reyes – Willow Canyon – 3.93 unweighted GPA
Amaya Castro – Higley – 3.53 unweighted GPA
Amber Krey – Willow Canyon – 3.93 unweighted GPA
Arely Lugo – Desert View – 3.27 unweighted GPA
Arianna Miller – Empire – 3.32 unweighted GPA
Arlete Figueroa – Betty Fairfax – 3.5 Weighted GPA
Breanna Gonzalez – Willow Canyon – 3.67 unweighted GPA
Brianna Pena – Desert View – 3.29 unweighted GPA
Brooke Waters – Casteel – 3.53 weighted GPA
Cameron Ninneman – Notre Dame Preparatory – 3.96 weighted GPA
Cearra Olsen – Willow Canyon – 3.7 unweighted GPA
Chloe Kowlachuk – Casteel – 3.83 weighted GPA
Corrine Dendinger – Casteel – 3.58 weighted GPA
Cynthia Naranjo – North Canyon – 3.4 unweighted GPA
Daniela Villalobos – Independence – 3.72 weighted GPA
Danielle Zepeda – Betty Fairfax – 3.7 Weighted GPA
Ella Lahr – Notre Dame Preparatory – 3.96 weighted GPA
Emily Bojorquez – Independence – 3.39 unweighted GPA
Emily Rinn – Desert View – 3.5 weighted GPA
Emily Rivera – Centennial – 3.9 weighted GPA
Emily Villegas – Independence – 3.84 weighted GPA
Emma Etzel – Maricopa – 3.83 Weighted
Estela Villalobos – North Canyon – 3.25 unweighted GPA
Gabriela Colina Castillo – North Canyon – 3.0 unweighted GPA
Gabrielle Fone – Maricopa – 3.17 unweighted GPA
Haileigh Millett – Independence – 3.83 weighted GPA
Haley Kiley-Ram – Notre Dame Preparatory – 3.93 weighted GPA
Haley VanGorder – Desert View – 3.03 unweighted GPA
Haylee McLeod – Campo verde – 3.75 weighted GPA
Hayley Poll – Higley – 3.28 unweighted GPA
Irais Rios – Desert View – 3.57 weighted GPA
Isabella Pineda – Willow Canyon – 3.5 unweighted GPA
Issabela Peralta – Desert View – 3.88 weighted GPA
Jacey Toomer – Higley – 3.89 unweighted GPA
Jenna Custer – Casteel – 3.53 weighted GPA
Jessica Taylor – Maricopa – 3.17 unweighted GPA
Jillian Graves – Higley – 3.1 unweighted GPA
Johara Evans – North Canyon – 3.5 weighted GPA
Jordan Cogswell – Campo verde – 3.6 weighted GPA
Julisa Gonzalez – Higley – 3.33 unweighted GPA
Karime Galarza – Desert View – 3.0 unweighted GPA
Karlee Caballero – Campo verde – 3.8 weighted GPA
Kate Cattani – Higley – 3.33 unweighted GPA
Kaylin White – Cienega – 3.9 weighted GPA
Kelsey Jean-Marie – Betty Fairfax – 3.7 Weighted GPA
Kiara Kossak – Higley – 3.0 unweighted GPA
Lauren Zelenka – Campo verde – 3.5 weighted GPA
Leah Hershauer – Campo verde – 3.75 weighted GPA
Lexi Williams – Willow Canyon – 3.78 unweighted GPA
Lexy Rowe – Maricopa – 3.88 weighted GPA
Lily Lentz – Casteel – 3.27 unweighted GPA
Lissette Escobedo – Independence – 3.41 unweighted GPA
Lorraine Pedroza – Centennial – 3.72 weighted GPA
Lucy Wheeler – Casteel – 3.16 unweighted GPA
Madison Tyler – Maricopa – 3.10 unweighted GPA
Maia Casey – Higley – 3.0 unweighted GPA
Mallory miller – Campo verde – 3.83 weighted GPA
Maria Rodriguez – Desert View – 3.86 weighted GPA
Mia Pena-Buchholz – Centennial – 3.79 weighted GPA
Mikayla Donart – Casteel – 3.79 weighted GPA
Mya Mudry – Higley – 3.65 unweighted GPA
Mya Stice – Higley – 3.44 unweighted GPA
Natalee Paulin – Maricopa – 3.67 weighted GPA
Nayeli Luna – Paradise Valley – 3.2 unweighted GPA
Nisbeth Santos – North Canyon – 3.22 unweighted GPA
Paige Garcia – Willow Canyon – 3.78 unweighted GPA
Paige Morris – Campo verde – 3.8 weighted GPA
Penelope Mejia – Higley – 3.46 unweighted GPA
Peyton Layne – Notre Dame Preparatory – 3.99 weighted GPA
Raya Hurst – Campo verde – 3.83 weighted GPA
Riley Casey – Higley – 3.83 unweighted GPA
Samantha Perez – Betty Fairfax – 3.7 weighted GPA
Sara Kaylor – Casteel – 3.94 weighted GPA
Scarlett Frohardt – Casteel – 3.96 weighted GPA
Shelby Dixon – Higley – 3.17 unweighted GPA
Sherlyn Suarez – Desert View – 3.59 weighted GPA
Simber Humphrey – Higley – 3.89 unweighted GPA
Skylargrace Behm – Notre Dame Preparatory – 3.5 weighted GPA
Sophia Sands – Paradise Valley – 3.2 unweighted GPA
Sydney Hatzenbeler – Higley – 3.7 unweighted GPA
Tabitha Lopez – Independence – 3.27 unweighted GPA
Tatum miller – Campo verde – 3.75 weighted gpa
Tori Brown – Casteel – 3.16 unweighted GPA
Valeria Galindo – Notre Dame Preparatory – 3.85 weighted GPA
Valerie Pineda – Betty Fairfax – 3.9 weighted GPA
Vanessa Arellano – North Canyon – 3.59 weighted GPA
Vianney Gomez Zacarias – Independence – 3.0 unweighted GPA
Yuriah Morgan – Independence – 3.85 weighted GPA
Zoe Christofaro – Cienega – 3.8 weighted GPA