Sports360AZ All-Academic Boys Soccer Team (5A-6A)

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For eight years, Sport360AZ has been committed to acknowledging the best and brightest student athletes in Arizona. We are excited to introduce the Sports360AZ All-Academic Winter Sports Teams brought to you by Venezia’s Pizzeria and IBEW Local 640 to recognize the excellence of student-athletes not only on the field but in the classroom as well.

We were overwhelmed by the response from players, coaches, athletic directors and parents and their nominations. This is the largest Sports360AZ All-Academic Winter Team in this recognition’s history. Submissions surpassed last year’s total by over 500 nominations. Thank you for recognizing these incredible student-athletes!

A few notes on how the team was compiled: 

Sports360AZ reached out to every athletic director in the state, as well as every varsity head coach for the above sports requesting nominations based on performance in the classroom. We also opened up nominations to parents and players as well. This is the only way to be named to the all-academic team. Thank you to the high school community for recognizing these student-athletes!

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Thank you so much for your nominations, and be sure to use #Sports360AZScholars when sharing these teams on social media.

First Team

Casteel4.1 weighted GPA

Jacob WhorleyCampo Verde4.1 weighted GPAJacob WhorleyCampo Verde4.1 weighted GPA

Jordan Johansen Shadow Ridge 4.8 weighted GPA
Kyan Cameron Casteel 4.7 weighted GPA
Mason Salonic Casteel 4.7 weighted GPA
Easton Elzinga Mesa 4.64 weighted GPA
Dillon Crowder Casteel 4.6 weighted GPA
Max Lipman Hamilton 4.6 weighted GPA
Joshua Martinez Hamilton 4.6 weighted GPA
Brock Sorenson Empire 4.55 weighted GPA
Gavin Wolynia Campo Verde 4.5 weighted GPA
Vinay Raman Hamilton 4.5 weighted GPA
Jacob Aguayo Casteel 4.5 weighted GPA
Jarrod Smith Campo Verde 4.5 weighted GPA
Porter Scott Shadow Ridge 4.5 weighted GPA
Logan Schipansky Notre Dame Prep 4.45 weighted GPA
Alex Huguez Sunrise Mountain 4.4 weighted GPA
Sean Wiley Hamilton 4.4 weighted GPA
Connor Sweet Campo Verde 4.4 weighted GPA
Charlie Cobb Brophy 4.39 weighted GPA
Hayden Jaramillo Perry 4.39 weighted GPA
Jacob Mandelbaum Chaparral 4.39 weighted GPA
Nicholas Hahne Brophy 4.36 weighted GPA
Mason Backman Brophy 4.34 weighted GPA
Alex Flores Shadow Ridge 4.33 weighted GPA
Blake Bernal Chaparral 4.33 Weighted
David Morales Agua Fria 4.31 weighted GPA
Graedon Van Tuyl Campo Verde 4.3 weighted GPA
Jacob Lasher Campo Verde 4.3 weighted GPA
Anthony Kolczak Hamilton 4.3 weighted GPA
Daniel Ward Empire 4.28 weighted GPA
Josh Cano Shadow Ridge 4.25 weighted GPA
Raphael Mbugua Mesa 4.25 weighted GPA
Benjamin Brock Campo Verde 4.2 weighted GPA
Jack Darwin Casteel 4.2 weighted GPA
Jacob Zimmerman Campo Verde 4.2 weighted GPA
Dillon Morrow Shadow Ridge 4.2 weighted GPA
Kade McKinzie Perry 4.2 weighted GPA
Matt Hartman Brophy 4.2 weighted GPA
Michael Ofori Brophy 4.2 weighted GPA
Nestor Reyes Mesa 4.2 weighted GPA
Sean Flynn Perry 4.2 weighted GPA
Tyler Bertram Chaparral 4.2 weighted GPA
TJ Knight Hamilton 4.2 weighted GPA
Chase Mullard Brophy 4.19 weighted GPA
Jaxon Reinhardt Chaparral 4.17 weighted GPA
Ethan Vannucci Shadow Ridge 4.16 weighted GPA
Sean Enouen Shadow Ridge 4.16 weighted GPA
Titus Charles Perry 4.15 weighted GPA
Ethan Pham Casteel 4.1 weighted GPA
Michael Frees Hamilton 4.1 weighted GPA
Jacob Whorley Campo Verde 4.1 weighted GPA
Nathan Craft Brophy 4.1 weighted GPA
Andrew Orlik Basha 4.1 weighted GPA
Riley Lynch Hamilton 4.1 weighted GPA
Gabriel Perez Agua Fria 4.07 weighted GPA
David Segal Agua Fria 4.05 weighted GPA
Cole Wood Perry 4.05 weighted GPA
Carter Boucher Basha 4.05 weighted GPA
Brody McConahay Perry 4.0 weighted GPA
Francesco (Case) Montanile Brophy 4.0 weighted GPA
Sebastian Mentis Chaparral 4.0 weighted GPA
Hayden Worswick Basha 4.0 weighted GPA
Jacob Chow Casteel 4.0 unweighted GPA
Trevor Hadley Casteel 4.0 unweighted GPA
Andrew Powell Perry 4.0 unweighted GPA
Erick Quirarte San Luis 4.0 unweighted GPA


Honorable Mention

Aidan Zeitler – Chaparral – 3.3 unweighted GPA
Alfredo Oliver – Casteel – 3.8 unweighted GPA
Anthony Morales – Mesa – 3.17 unweighted GPA
Antonio Calderon – Casteel – 3.7 weighted GPA
Austin Yowell – Notre Dame Prep – 3.9 weighted GPA
Benjamin Lyons – Campo Verde – 3.9 weighted GPA
Bernando Perez – Metro Tech – 3.23 unweighted GPA
Brad Semro – Notre Dame Prep – 3.75 weighted GPA
Brayan Susano – Mesa – 3.02 unweighted GPA
Caden Malloy – Casteel – 3.6 unweighted GPA
Camden Boardman – Campo Verde – 3.5 weighted GPA
Carlos Merida – Agua Fria – 3.71 weighted GPA
Cole Graham – Perry  – 3.69 weighted GPA
Daniel Perez – Chandler – 3.6 weighted GPA
Diego Lorenzo – Agua Fria – 3.06 unweighted GPA
Dillon Hunter – Chandler – 3.05 unweighted GPA
Drew Christensen – Campo Verde – 3.9 weighted GPA
Drew Savage – Seton Catholic – 3.92 weighted GPA
Edgar Arias – Agua Fria – 3.0 unweighted GPA
Egan Bechtold – Campo Verde – 3.5 weighted GPA
Ethan Cameron – Casteel – 3.6 unweighted GPA
Gabe Alapizco – Mesa – 3.15 unweighted GPA
Golan Gabay – Perry  – 3.5 weighted GPA
Hayden Helmhout – Campo Verde – 3.6 Weighted
Hector Arce – Sunnyside – 3.89 weighted GPA
Isaaq Ismail – Hamilton – 3.9 weighted GPA
Jack Smith – Chaparral – 3.65 weighted GPA
Jacob Hernandez – Chandler – 3.8 weighted GPA
Jaelin Diaz – Perry  – 3.55 weighted GPA
Jayson Williams – Hamilton – 3.6 weighted GPA
Jesus Soto Castro – Agua Fria – 3.0 unweighted GPA
Joey Barta – Perry  – 3.78 weighted GPA
Jordan Hagen – Mesa – 3.571 weighted GPA
Jorge Chavez – Campo Verde – 3.5 weighted GPA
Jorge Gonzalez – Metro Tech – 3.96 weighted GPA
Jorge Reyes – Mesa – 3.66 weighted GPA
Jose Pina – Metro Tech – 3.53 weighted GPA
Juan Alvarado – Brophy – 3.93 weighted GPA
Julian Ramirez – Mesa – 3.0 unweighted GPA
Julio Lemas – Sunnyside – 3.72 weighted GPA
Kagan Pfeffer – Chandler – 3.6 weighted GPA
Kegan Lynch – Notre Dame Prep – 3.9 unweighted GPA
Keith Pichardo – Perry  – 3.93 weighted GPA
Koen Entringer – Brophy – 3.1 unweighted GPA
Leo Ibuado – Agua Fria – 3.81 weighted GPA
Liam McKevitt – Campo Verde – 3.6 weighted GPA
Lorenzo Mendoza – Mesa – 3.71 weighted GPA
Lukas Steele – Mesa – 3.375 unweighted GPA
Luke Schaefer – Hamilton – 3.6 weighted GPA
Marlon Acosta – Agua Fria – 3.7 weighted GPA
Martin Rivera – Metro Tech – 3.24 unweighted GPA
Nathan Breinholt – Perry  – 3.53 weighted GPA
Nestor Rodriguez – Metro Tech – 3.1 unweighted GPA
Niall Dunn – Hamilton – 3.8 weighted GPA
Nick Allard – Brophy – 3.38 unweighted GPA
Noah Hart – Empire – 3.89 weighted GPA
Nolan McLane – Notre Dame Prep – 3.55 weighted GPA
Oluwaseun Ayodeji Babarinde – Brophy – 3.92 unweighted GPA
Pedro Landeros – Hamilton – 3.3 unweighted GPA
Ricardo Famania – San Luis – 3.6 unweighted GPA
Ruben Diaz – Casteel – 3.8 unweighted GPA
Ryan Caplinger – Campo Verde – 3.83 weighted GPA
Ryan Pace – Chaparral – 3.66 weighted GPA
Ryan Potts – Hamilton – 3.9 weighted GPA
Ryan Sainz – Casteel – 3.8 unweighted GPA
Scott Kanning – Hamilton – 3.9 weighted GPA
Tony Barajas – Mesa – 3.22 unweighted GPA
Tyler Knutsen – Notre Dame Prep – 3.64 weighted GPA
Tyler Swencki – Casteel – 3.9 weighted GPA
Vincent Acosta – Hamilton – 3.6 weighted GPA
Wen Cooney – Brophy – 3.9 weighted GPA
Xavier Cerpa – Agua Fria – 3.0 unweighted GPA