Sande Sez: Keep Off The Quarantine 15

These are unprecedented times. Something we have never seen before. We are all trying to navigate through the “new normal.” I know for me, personally, it took a few weeks to get adjusted.  

Since we are all at home working and/or home schooling, I wanted to take this moment and send some help. Here at, we reached out to our friend Scott Keppel. He has a son, Gavin, that attends Perry High School and is a junior on the football team. Gavin has also been helping others in this difficult time by buying groceries for those that can not get to the store. He makes the delivery for you and you just Venmo him.

It’s that easy.

Scott owns Scott’s Training System and during this time he has shifted to online workouts to help us be more active at home. We don’t have the luxury of going to the gym right now, so the gym must come to us. 

I know for me, I was overwhelmed worrying about the equipment. I didn’t have any gym equipment, and that’s okay. Scott’s number one order with all of this is, to “just move.” He goes through workouts with items you can find at home. 

Scott takes us through a workout for you or I to do, and then for you athletes, he shows you what you can be doing to stay in tip-top shape at home right now without a gym. For the athletes, it is all about power. So his exercises are geared for that. 

It would be easy to get complacent and think “there is no season. What is the use?” But, I am here to tell you, use this time wisely, the world is on pause. You get to create what you want out of this. I suggest you come out of this mentally and physically stronger than you have ever been before. As I have said before in “Sande Sez,” we are all in this together. These workouts are to help you be better in this time. 

Scott’s workout for at home, as well as just moving. Video above to explain all:

  • 10-12 reps, 3-4 rounds 
  • YTA’s 
  • Frankenstein’s 
  • Squats with press with backpack 

For the athletes. These are geared for power so go hard. 

  • Hurdles with things such as backpacks or other similar sized items you have around the house 
  • Push ups with clap for power and to get your fast twitch muscle fibers going, which are the ones we use for power. 
  • Kettle bell swing with a backpack 

Happy working out and staying active.

Most importantly, please be safe.