Ray Anderson Talks Camp T., Future Of 2020 Season

Arizona Sports News online

Presently everyone in the sports world is in a wait-and-see mode and that includes Arizona State University and their Vice President for University Athletics, Ray Anderson.

News broke last month college spring athletic seasons would be canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic which has gripped our country and crippled our economy. 

Now, colleges around the country are peeking ahead at summer calendars and wondering if COVID-19 could spill into, or completely wipe out, the fall sports season, as well.

For ASU, one large question mark with regards to their football scheduling in the coming months is Camp Tontozona, which has been a popular destination for fans to get a look at the team outside of the Valley.

“It will depend on when we start,” Anderson said to Sports360AZ.com’s Brad Cesmat in a phone interview Wednesday morning. “We may not have the time and the ability logistically to go to Camp Tontozona at all because it may be a very compressed training camp. That’s a to-be-determined decision we’ll have to make…a definitive decision on Camp T. won’t come for a few weeks.”

Anderson was then asked if he believed a full college football season will be played this fall.

“The hope is the fact we will be able to do that,” he explained. “Can anyone guarantee that? No…only the virus itself will dictate when that happens. I have no answer for that but I sure hope so.”

Anderson added, ideally, if the season were to played it would be in front of live fans but he is open-minded to the idea of playing college football in empty stadiums this year.

“If we had to, could we?,” Anderson said. “Technologically and logistically yes, you could figure that out.”