All MLB In AZ?,’s Barry Bloom, NFL Network Analyst Marc Ross, 2020 Vision – Brophy’s Case Montenile

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Could we see all 32 MLB teams playing games in the Valley, possibly as early as next month? There are still hurdles to overcome but signs are pointing towards this actually happening if logistics are worked out. Brad and Eric discuss the advantages, as well as the disadvantages players and teams would face in this scenario.’s Barry Bloom (9:19 on podcast) joined Brad to talk about what would need to happen for this to be pushed through, as well as when he feels we’ll see live baseball again. The NFL Draft is just over two weeks away, NFL Network Analyst Marc Ross (22:23 on podcast) talked what direction the Cardinals should go with the 8th overall pick, as well as their off-season to this point and what Nuk Hopkins brings to Kliff Kingbury’s offense. Plus, Jordan caught up with Brophy soccer standout Case Montanile (32:53 on podcast) in our latest installment of “2020 Vision” honoring high school seniors who had their final year, in some capacity, cut short.