COVID-19 Pandemic Hits United States, Cardinals Acquire DeAndre Hopkins, Paola Boivin ‘News & Notes,’ NFL Agent Eric Metz

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COVID-19 is on the top of everyone’s mind as the virus continues to control how we live worldwide. As NFL free agency opens, the Cardinals pull off a blockbuster trading David Johnson to the Texans for wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. This is a homerun deal for Cards’ GM Steve Keim. “The Professor” Paola Boivin (9:29 on podcast) checked in to talk about everything going on. Recruiting Insider Jordan Hamm (20:48 on podcast) talked about Mesquite star 2021quarterback Ty Thompson committing to Oregon. Plus, long-time NFL agent Eric Metz (27:34 on podcast) on the Johnson-Hopkins deal, the new CBA and much more.