What to Make of Fitz Minority Ownership in Suns

Larry Fitzgerald in a minority ownership role for the Phoenix Suns is a seismic story on many levels. Charles Barkley told me through text, “It’s awesome. Having Larry at the Suns games is amazing”.  Of course Charles hasn’t been one to dole out many compliments about the team(why should he?). No playoff games since the 2010 season will tend to make anyone more than a  little grumpy about what’s been going on inside 201 E. Jefferson. Our hero’s of the hardwood haven’t delivered much of anything. But all of that changes today! Or, at least perception says it should. 

Look, Fitz has turned a lot of things into gold during his run in Phoenix. He’s stayed loyal during the worst of times with his current employer, and he’s been civic-minded through the years.. It would’ve been very easy for Larry to not sign back with the Cardinals and go chase a Super Bowl ring. We are seeing a once in a lifetime player doing his day job to levels we will never see again here in Arizona. But now Fitz is wading into uncharted waters. Is he simply doing this as part of his portfolio? It’s been well documented how much Robert Sarver has seen his initial investment in the Suns grow, even without having a playoff game in almost ten years. 

Larry Fitzgerald going after Karl Anthony Towns sounds great for media and fans to kick around, but is it realistic? Until the Suns are able to attract all-star level FREE AGENT talent, the jury is out. It’s unfair to think that Fitz taking this position with the Suns will revert the organization back to the days when Phoenix was  a destination for big name after big name. Free agents look at the size of the check, the owner, gm, size of the check, roster, head coach and the size of the check. 

For now, Fitz as a minority owner of the Phoenix Suns is a cool story. It’s big news because his name carries so much credibility  that it sends a message to the community that “perhaps we do know what we are doing”. Only time will tell. I would say that James Jones, Monty Williams and now Fitz coming on board are three positive steps in an otherwise unacceptable slog by the once-upon-a-time crown jewel franchise in Phoenix sports.