2020 Vision: Saguaro’s Connor Toci

Many have been hit hard by the news that schools will not return to campus for the remainder of the academic year. It’s a tough and transformative time for all, but especially for the senior class, the class of 2020. Sports360AZ wants to hear from those seniors on how they’re adjusting, what they’re feeling and how this experience can make them stronger moving forward in a new segment we call “2020 Vision.”

In many ways, part of Connor Toci’s senior year ended before it ever started.

The versatile Saguaro linebacker waited patiently for his opportunity behind a host of soon-to-be college players at #SagU before an ACL injury last spring essentially ended his Sabercat football career.

Despite the devastating setback, Toci never let it impact the legacy he leaves behind at one of the most successful programs in Arizona.

Toci, an outstanding student and forward thinker, is going old school to stay busy and engaged during the current pandemic.

“Legos,” Toci said with a smile during a recent Skype interview with Sports360AZ.com. 

When he’s not crafting, he’s casting…and hoping.

“I’ve been fishing a ton,” he said. “I probably go five times a week, I’d say. I go to this one little spot on a golf course. I can’t really tell anybody ‘cuz it’s our spot. That little place is stocked with everything and right now I’m trying to figure out how to catch their carp. There’s some massive carp in there.”

During those hours waiting to catch the big one, Toci has found plenty of time for self-reflection as the sun officially sets on his time in the Saguaro program – which included two state championships and a trip to the Open Division title game last December.

The time to strap on the pads and don the gold and black may have passed but the memories never will.

“Words can’t really describe,” he explained pausing in reflection. “It was just incredible. The entire Saguaro program and staff and the whole community…it was unbelievable. My phone was just blowing up left and right [after his ACL injury]. I had parents calling and texting me, teachers emailing me. Everybody just reached out. Before that I knew we were a really good family. They really do care.”

“It’s not all about football here.”